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Pangea: An Overview

Pangea is a virtual nation built on Web 4 technologies designed to enhance interactions and transactions across digital infrastructure and beyond. It is a unique upgrade to Web 3 with an innovative digital platform for collaborative governance at multiple scales. This will enable enhanced discussion, cooperation and action to deal with challenges that cross traditional sovereign and corporate boundaries, for example, climate change. Leveraging the robust Tonomy Gov Operating System (OS), the Pangea platform is transparent, facilitating business practice, legal entity creation, and equitable financial systems. Security is paramount and managed by the digital sovereign identity app – the Pangea Passport.


The tried and tested Pangea Passport is a digital sovereign security (or digital ID) that is already in operation, and ready for multiple market sectors. It provides a passwordless, decentralised, privacy compliant and easy, highly secure digital environment. The Passport is powered by advanced cryptography, using zero knowledge architecture ensuring there is no centralised database containing private, personal data. This enables the secure management of personal and institutional data, in a way that has not previously been practical at scale.

Pangea enables a democratic digital community or liquid democracy at multiple scales – from a cooperative to a global nation. A liquid democracy is a form of delegative democracy, whereby a community engages in collective decision-making through direct participation and dynamic representation, powered by a digital platform. Central to this is the digital ID.

The platform provides for the efficient management of legal entities like decentralised autonomous organisations (DAO), or more traditional organisations, enabling fast, efficient and economic management of human resources, access authorizations and agreements. It provides out-of-the-box Tooling to enable highly secure advantage management and governance of apps, their users, algorithms and smart contracts.

Taken together, Pangea provides a platform for a global sovereign/autonomous zone - a new self-regulating global legal zone – with seamless international business operation, management of internet applications and digital commons for businesses and entrepreneurs.


Pangea’s performance sets a new benchmark for Web 3 applications. It is:

  • Very fast (0.5 second latency and 15,000+ transactions per second);

  • Energy efficient (comparable or better than competitors, and 100’s of times better than Ethereum);

  • The only fully decentralized, passwordless & serverless IAM and DAO solution with optional MFA;

  • Provides fully anonymity and privacy of citizen data while simultaneously enabling social accountability of citizens to prevent hacks and fraud; and,

  • Provides a seamless platform for always accessible and secure digital identities for citizens and institutions such as businesses, enterprise, communities and governments.

  • The user experience far exceeds other platforms solutions.

Economy and LEOS (Ƚ) Currency

The LEOS (Ƚ) token within the Pangea ecosystem signifies a pivotal development in the realm of digital governance and decentralized economies. As the native currency of Pangea, LEOS underpins a novel and inclusive economic model designed to facilitate transactions, incentivize participation, and re-enforce the nation’s society protocols. With the backdrop of a burgeoning decentralized digital identity market, projected to grow significantly in the coming years, LEOS is positioned as a critical asset. It not only serves as the primary medium of exchange for services like reusable identity verification and DAO participation but also embodies the potential for much needed economically viable utility, reflective of Pangea's market exposure and innovative approach to data security and participatory governance.

The economic framework of Pangea, with LEOS at its core, is designed to balance network participants security, sustainable incentives and fees and allow seamless global payments for goods and services within and external to Pangea. Through a variety of roles ranging from individual citizens to collective DAOs, the ecosystem fosters a vibrant economy where LEOS circulates as the backbone currency. This circulation is governed by strategic mechanisms to counteract dishonesty and cybersecurity threats, thereby ensuring the integrity and resilience of the network. Moreover, the governance system of Pangea, underpinned by LEOS, facilitates a transparent and equitable economic environment. This environment rewards contributions, manages blockchain resources efficiently, and dynamically adapts to internal and external economic conditions, securing Pangea's position as a leading figure in the evolution of global digital governance and economic systems.

Pangea - LEOS (Ƚ) Tokenomics contains more information about the Economic design and LEOS currency.

Why? In a ‘Nutshell’

Pangea offers out-of-the-box, mainstream-ready building blocks of identity, institutions, governance and accounting in one seamless platform. It provides breakthrough technology for data security, the backbone of a digital community or nation using the ideas of liquid democracy and management of new legal entities. It is faster and better than its competitors. The technology is powered by Tonomy Gov OS which has a proven track record. Pangea puts people and communities first, it will be good for the planet, and for economies at multiple scales. Pangea is now seeking venture capital to underpin managed growth and will realise significant capital gains with ongoing participation in various revenue streams.

Founder Jack Tanner Master Computer Science - Imperial College Bachelor Engineering - 1st Class Honours University Queensland

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