Pangea's goals are ambitious and multifaceted, reflecting the broad aim to provide an essential building block enabling a holistic Digital Nation:

Delivering Private yet Open Technical Systems: Pangea is committed to enhanced digital security – the Pangea Passport – powered by the proven the Tonomy blockchain, with a functional easy to use, ‘open’ and human centric interface.

Creating Inclusive and Efficient Markets: A key goal is to establish cheaper, more efficient, and trustworthy markets. Pangea aims to facilitate seamless collaboration and the exchange of goods and services, enhancing economic opportunities for all. Low cost, highly secure micro and B2B transactions are enabled.

Fostering Participatory Governance: At its core, Pangea will implement a governance model that is transparent, inclusive, and participatory. Using blockchain technology, it will ensure integrity and fairness in decision-making, covering global, local and community governance spheres.

Pangea is a unique platform in the emerging Web 4.0 space, providing various services such as digital sovereign identity and data security (Tonomy ID), personal and institutional data management, a democratic digital community using liquid democracy, efficient management of legal entities like DAOs, and a global sovereign/autonomous zone for seamless international business.

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