Tonomy DAO

Tonomy DAO represents a paradigm shift in organisational management, facilitating the formation and autonomous governance of various collective entities such as companies, foundations, communities, associations, and commons. This platform maintains autonomy and control over governance, data, funds, and operations, negating the requirement for external service providers.

Within Tonomy, governance is administered through the Tonomy DAO system, embodying a decentralised control model.

Tonomy DAO integrates advanced Identity and Access Management (IAM) mechanisms, supporting diverse member entities from individuals to other DAOs. Its architecture, characterised by low-latency transactions and versatile IAM configurations, enables a broad spectrum of governance structures. This makes Tonomy DAO a versatile platform for mainstream organisational management, straddling high-security Web2 and high-usability Web3 applications across various sectors.

DAOs, functioning as public entities, maintain visible profiles, yet member identities are safeguarded through anonymised account IDs. Membership entails automatic access to other members' information, aligned with the established privacy policy. This aspect of Tonomy DAO is critical, underpinning the decentralised control of multi-party sovereign entities on the Internet [Ref #6].

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