⚙️LEOS for Payments for Pangea’s Features

Each core Pangea App allows Citizens and DAOs to purchase its features through a flexible Software as a Service (SaaS) model. This model has been designed to facilitate a familiar experience while adequately covering the underlying infrastructure costs for the services from mainstream users. Two examples of features are DAO seats available in Pangea DAO, and Citizen identity verification in Web 4.0 Apps available in Pangea Build.

Pangea features are all paid for in LEOS, though the amount of LEOS is roughly determined using a $ USD price to provide predictability for Citizens and DAOs using the platform. The underlying currency, LEOS, remains a free market currency. The LEOS prices of the services are updated to facilitate predictable pricing models and services on a semi-regular basis, based on the volatility of the underlying LEOS price - aka, if the LEOS price changes significantly, then the service prices will be changed.

The most accessible place to see and understand these pricing models is on the Pangea website:

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