Identity Administration Portal

The Identity Administration Portal facilitates the configuration of various features and settings integral to Tonomy ID. Key aspects that can be adjusted include:

  • Identity Verification Methods: Establishing protocols for identity authentication.

  • Resource Allocation Models: Defining parameters such as daily transaction limits per user.

  • Security Policies: Implementing security measures for single sign-on and digital signatures, including considerations for mandatory multifactor authentication.

  • Private Reputation Systems: Guidelines for activating and regulating private reputation mechanisms.

  • Account Recovery Options: Selection of available mechanisms for account recovery.

This portal plays a crucial role in setting ecosystem-wide identity access policies. It enables administrators to:

  • Specify policies governing user admission to the ecosystem.

  • Administer account-related actions such as account freezing and issuance of access warrants.Establish identity systems ranging from closed systems (e.g., invite-only for enterprise employees) to open, public, permissionless networks.

Through the portal, individual identities within the ecosystem can be managed, including the ability to freeze accounts or de-anonymize identities under specific warrants.

The identity system's configuration is accessible via a user-friendly, no-code platform. Depending on the governance system in place, configurations may be determined by authorised entities (e.g., a department of identity employees) or through multi-party governance proposals.

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