Multi-party Proposals

DAOs govern through multi-party proposals, encompassing:

  • Documents - Creating or modifying the documents. For example, this can be used to create, sign and execute articles of association for a company. Or it could be used To sign an employee agreement between the employee and their new manager.

  • Policy - Creating or modifying company policies and agreements. For example, this can create new security policies for groups or expectations for new employees regarding holidays.

  • Funds - Sending money to suppliers or for other expenses. This is particularly useful for high-value transfers to have multiple-party authorisation. It can also create and configure new multi-party funds accounts and Tonomy Pay.

  • Governance - The top-level owners and governance structure used within the DAO can also be upgraded. This leverages the upgradable accounts and governance features of the underlying structure. This allows DAOs to remain agile and flexible.

Proposals impact the proposing group and its subordinates, ensuring higher-level security integrity.

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