Peer-to-Peer Messaging

Leveraging the same private keys and digital signatures, Tonomy ID facilitates peer-to-peer messaging within and across various applications. This is achieved by implementing the new W3C standard DIDComm, a transport-agnostic, highly standardised, and interoperable private messaging protocol.

DIDComm Messaging represents a sophisticated method for individuals, institutions, and IoT entities to engage through machine-readable messages, underpinned by the security and privacy features of decentralised identifiers (DIDs). It is compatible across various transport mediums, including HTTP, Bluetooth, and websockets.

DIDComm also incorporates Onion routing for messages, significantly enhancing user privacy.

WhatsApp comparison:

This feature offers end-to-end encrypted messaging capabilities comparable to applications like WhatsApp, with the added flexibility of functioning across different applications and having enhanced security and governance.

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