⭐ Tokenomics Roles

The Tonomy network encompasses a diverse range of roles, each integral to its ecosystem's functionality and security:

  • People: These are individuals actively participating in the network, engaging in transactions, governance, commercial and community interactions.

  • DAOs: Collaborative legal entities formed by network participants, taking various legal forms like businesses and communities, and playing a vital role in decision-making and resource allocation.

  • Apps: Software applications used for governance, commercial, and non-profit activities, facilitating operations and interactions within the Tonomy ecosystem.

  • Services: Servers operating essential system services like blockchain nodes and identity verification, crucial for the network's stability and reliability.

  • Gov: Specialized DAOs or groups of DAOs responsible for ecosystem governance, maintaining the system's balance and fairness.

Each role is pivotal to Tonomy's robustness and adaptability, contributing to its sustained growth and security.

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