Technical Excellence and Security

Central to this phase is the development and refinement of Pangea's technical infrastructure, which aims to achieve unparalleled security, privacy, and user experience. The Pangea Passport stands out as a digital identity solution, offering enhanced security and seamless integration with various SaaS platforms. In addition to focusing on industry adoption in traditional sectors, Pangea aims to utilise the Passport and DAO along with underlying services to address real-world business challenges. These include legal frictions, privacy concerns, data portability, and mitigating cybersecurity risks and compliance issues. Small-scale civic participation platforms for local and municipal participatory systems are also emphasised, along with the potential to address existing gaps in Web3. This includes offering a user-friendly system without compromising on decentralization and sovereignty, which could be utilised within Pangea to create CBDCs for governments or UBI/ration systems for communities.

With the economic addition of the LEOS (Ƚ) currency of Pangea, this stage will likely see the rise of autonomous communities that have previously been locked into forced economic reliance by more powerful nations. The validity of Pangea, along with new internal mechanisms for more complex governance and sustainability, will further solidify its capacity. The use of the LEOS currency, validated through its integration with the Pangea Passport into internet applications, aims to become a standard payment method, thereby increasing its utility and stability.

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