💲LEOS Currency Sale

The launch and distribution of LEOS coins are meticulously planned to ensure a fair, transparent, and strategic introduction into the economy. This section outlines the key components of the LEOS currency sale, including the initial distribution strategy, the structure of the currency sale rounds, and the vesting terms designed to align the interests of early adopters, team members, and partners with the long-term vision of the Pangea ecosystem.

The LEOS currency sale is offered by the Tonomy Foundation (Chamber of Commerce # 86537288), a Dutch non-profit organisation. While the Tonomy Foundation controls the LEOS token during the sale, it will not control LEOS when Pangea transitions to a democratically governed system, a planned and essential milestone in the roadmap. For more information on Pangea governance, please read the whitepaper.

It is important to understand what LEOS is not:

  • An equity, or a stake in the Tonomy Foundation; and

  • An equity, or a stake, that buys controlling rights and special privileges (compared to other Citizens) of the Pangea governance system

LEOS is a fraction of the currency from the Pangea economy. Buying LEOS in the currency sale is like prepurchasing some of the $ Dollars or € Euros at a discounted price before the launch of the USA or European Union. What owners of LEOS can do is outlined in LEOS Uses and further explored in LEOS Currency Utility and Benefits.

Recognising the foundation on which LEOS is built is also essential. That is a long-term stable governance system built using a modern democracy hybrid. The ecosystem is global and permissionless, maintaining the vision of many existing Layer 1 crypto protocols. Unlike most of these protocols, however, Pangea contains the facilities to autonomously self-regulating within the Pangea self-sovereign economic zone and protect its citizens from various forms of economic damage such as loss of private keys or hacks and theft commonly found in crypto, as described in Pangea - Governance and Strategy.

To ensure the highest levels of compliance in the still unclear regulatory environment of Web 3, cryptocurrency specialists at Taylor Wessing (https://www.taylorwessing.com) were consulted to advise the LEOS currency sale. Their expert globally recognised advice has also led the LEOS currency sale to comply with the upcoming EU regulation Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) regulations. LEOS will be one of the first MICA-compliant coins on the European market.

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