The ecosystem governance DAO Is responsible for managing the policies, income and expenses of the native currency. This is done through the treasury currency account available in Tonomy Pay.

There are two different types of fund management:

  • Automated: Network policies Provide the fees and other expenses paid by network participants to access Network services. These fees go into a collective pool. The network policies also specify the incentives paid to the network operators. These Payment collection distributions Coded into the protocol level And are fully Automated and low-trust. The policies themselves are configured through the policy manager in the governance DAO.

  • Manual: Ecosystems made used to create their own treasury pools which they manually manage. This gives them greater flexibility to use funds without needing to make policy changes for every payment system. For example this could be used to create a ecosystem fund generated from investors to pay development of apps, or for a fund to pay for a user support system (not one of the default network services).

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