🤝Contribution to Global Goals

Pangea's contribution to global goals extends beyond the digital realm, influencing broader societal and economic domains. The platform is designed to enable more efficient governance models, reduce inequalities, and promote social justice through its decentralised and transparent framework.

Pangea's mission extends to advocating for establishing a new Sustainable Development Goal focused on good democratic governance. This proposed SDG would emphasise the importance of transparent, inclusive, and accountable governance systems. Pangea, with its decentralised governance model, demonstrates a commitment to these principles, offering a template for digital democracy that can be emulated globally. The platform's efforts in promoting democratic engagement, safeguarding data privacy, and ensuring equitable participation in governance processes resonate with the ethos of this proposed SDG. Pangea's contribution to this new goal reflects a broader vision of a digitally empowered society where governance is not only a function of state institutions but a collective responsibility of all citizens.

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