Arbitration Platform

Tonomy will incorporate an arbitration platform to facilitate dispute resolution among ecosystem participants, leveraging the policy system. This platform will evolve from a basic structure to a more complex system, accommodating various arbitration methods such as judges, juries, and public and private adjudication.

Arbitration Proof Verification

The arbitration process will heavily utilise verifiable data using W3C Verifiable Credentials from Tonomy ID digital signatures to streamline dispute resolution, reducing legal friction. Privacy-preserving functionalities, like selective disclosure, will enable public court cases without compromising private information.

Ecosystem Warrants

The system will encompass several vital functions to uphold self-regulation specific to the Tonomy:

  • Warrant Issuance: Upon providing concrete proof of a security or protocol breach, a prosecutor may obtain a warrant for de-anonymizing identities, applicable in cases involving malicious actors or non-compliant entities.

  • Account Freezing/Unfreezing: Proof of identity policy volioation (e.g. each person may only have one identity) can lead to the freezing of accounts, this exists to reinforce the identity verification protocol.

  • Imposition of Fines: Evidence of policy violations not automatically enforced by software can lead to fines for individuals, DAOs, or the governance administration.

In all scenarios, digital evidence must be presented within a network-based arbitration system, where decisions are made following the network's policy interpretations

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