The LEOS Tokenomics document presents a comprehensive framework for the economic and operational foundation of the Pangea ecosystem and the utility of the LEOS currency as a means for global payments. At its core, LEOS serves as the native currency, facilitating various transactions within Pangea, from governance and identity verification to incentivising infrastructure and enabling global payments. The tokenomics model emphasises democratic governance, ensuring that monetary policy decisions are made inclusively and adaptively. The introduction of the Pangea Economics Simulator further underscores the commitment to transparency and stakeholder engagement, enabling participants to understand and navigate the ecosystem's economy.

The strategic allocation and distribution of LEOS currency, detailed in the LEOS Currency Salee section, highlights a balanced approach to supporting the ecosystem's growth while aligning the interests of early LEOS adopters, team members, and partners with Pangea's long-term success. The phased currency sale rounds and carefully structured vesting schedules reinforce this alignment, ensuring a steady and sustainable introduction of LEOS into the market.

Looking ahead, the role and evolution of LEOS within Pangea are poised for significant growth and expansion, in line with the vision outlined in the forthcoming Pangea Vision 2030 document. As Pangea develops and matures, LEOS will play a pivotal role in enabling the ecosystem to achieve its ambitious goals of creating a sovereign, decentralised virtual nation. The tokenomics framework laid out in this document sets the stage for a future where LEOS powers the Pangea ecosystem and contributes to reshaping the global digital economy, offering a model for financial trust, inclusivity, and participation.

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