Resource Allocation and Transaction Fee Management

In the context of system security and protection against denial of service attacks, the identity administration portal of Tonomy incorporates a configurable resource allocation model. This model offers a selection of templates with diverse configurations to cater to various use cases, ranging from government entities to community groups, for efficient identity management.

The resource allocation model operates in the following exemplary manners:

  • Central Allocation: The identity administration module possesses the discretion to allocate resources to users as deemed appropriate.

  • decentralised and Equitable Allocation: All users receive equal resource allocations (e.g., 5 daily transactions) contingent upon complete verification.

  • User-Directed Allocation: Users are initially provided equal allocations, with the option to acquire additional resource packages via the system's native currency.

This approach simplifies complex infrastructural aspects, enhancing accessibility for mainstream users. Requiring users to engage directly with blockchain or other intricate technical infrastructures on a per-transaction basis may result in user disengagement due to its complexity. The flexibility to revert to a cost-free account highlights the Tonomy’s dedication to universal accessibility.

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