♻️LEOS Sale Rounds

The LEOS currency sale is structured in several rounds to facilitate orderly participation and LEOS adopters.

Start dateFDV*PriceRaise AmountMaximum Allocation


April 2024





Strategic Partnerships

October 2024





Public (TGE)

February 2025





Table 2: LEOS Sale Rounds

The seed and strategic partnerships sales will go through selected Tonomy Foundation contacts and partnerships. The public sale is expected to be facilitated through a mix of self-hosted purchasing platforms and selected coin sale platforms on centralised and decentralised exchanges. LEOS can be purchased in exchange for USD, EUR, BTC, ETH or USDT.

Our valuation is based on significant research into recent and similar protocol launches. This has included a comprehensive analysis framework that looked at fundamentals, technology and innovation, tokenomics and distribution, regulatory landscape, market performance, and sentiment pre- and post-launch. We were guided by the advice provided by the Brightnode tokenomics team while conducting this analysis. This analysis identified and analysed Several successful and unsuccessful projects, to understand the best valuation and pricing strategy, including 5IRE, Humanode, Crypto Tex, Astra Protocol, Zetachain and Celestia. As Pangea positions itself as a web4 virtual nation, we recognised that our analysis has significant overlap with these projects while also extending or having different areas of focus.

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