🌍Global Utilities of LEOS

LEOS, the native currency of the Pangea ecosystem, offers a broad spectrum of utilities both within and beyond the virtual nation's boundaries. Its design caters to a multifaceted approach, ensuring trust in internet services at an economical price while delivering high value.

Using Pangea’s features, LEOS facilitates a range of core functionalities:

  • Pangea Passport: LEOS enables reusable identity verification and access to Web 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 Apps across the internet, providing better than banking security, natural compliance and seamless UX, all at a cost-competitive rate to existing internet identity and Web3 Dapps.

  • Pangea DAO: In the realm of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, LEOS serves as the currency for transactions, governance participation, and human resource and authorisation management and enabler of collaborative teams, enabling low-friction and always-accessible institutional management and agreements services in one seamless low-friction platform.

  • Pangea Bankless: LEOS supports the Bankless platform, offering a decentralised financial infrastructure that allows for global peer-to-peer transactions without traditional banking systems, enhancing financial inclusivity and freedom. The ease of use and wealth management features set this apart from other Web3 Dapps.

  • Pangea Gov+: LEOS is used for payments for auxiliary features such as arbitration cases and more within the governance model. Many Gov+ features are available for free to Citizens. Gov+ is the enabler for the trust of the currency, stemming from inclusive and participatory monetary policy management.

  • Pangea Build: For developers and creators, LEOS enables access to essential resources and services in Pangea Build, supporting innovation and development of next-generation Web 4.0 Apps across the internet. It is also used as the incentive mechanism for Service providers that provide core network resources.

The website provides an easy and visual portal to understand better how much value the Pangea platform containing these tools can provide to existing markets.


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