Tonomy GOV

Tonomy Gov adopts a no-code paradigm, employing swift and adaptable foundational systems that ensure cryptographic integrity. This ensures that the governance framework is autonomous, accessible, and adept at fostering sound, well-integrated decisions within a self-regulatory ecosystem.

The foundational Tonomy technologies offer a modular toolkit, enabling a Tonomy network to select and modify its governance framework as needed. This adaptability is crucial for scaling the governance structure and features as the network expands. Additionally, it is vital for other networks to utilise the white label feature to create new networks, allowing them to harness and tailor this technology to their specific use cases.

The ecosystem governance institution within the networkIs a special DAO. Most of the legislative features ( who and how are decisions made) are controlled through the existing Tonomy DAO features. It is through Tonomy DAO that a democratic or proof of stake network are configured, or a representative or a direct voting system are employed.

The ecosystem governance DAO has several additional specific features outlined in this section of the White Paper.

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