Tonomy PAY

Tonomy Pay represents a sophisticated, decentralised platform for payment processing and financial resource management. This platform facilitates secure and autonomous financial transactions and management for individual users and DAOs.

Neo-bank comparison:

The functionality is designed to simulate that of contemporary neo-banks like Revolut or N26; however are devoid of a centralised technical backend.

Primarily, Tonomy Pay is accessible to both individuals and DAOs, featuring an array of functionalities tailored for multiparty financial management. While individual users predominantly access the platform's services at no cost, DAOs engage with the platform on a paid basis, utilising its advanced banking infrastructure.

The platform's design emphasises user empowerment in terms of control and ownership, with a user experience mirroring that of Web2 applications. Integration with Web2 companies is streamlined through the use of simple JavaScript SDKs, bypassing the complexity of coding token contracts.

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