Tonomy ID

Identity serves as the foundational and terminal interface for individuals within digital ecosystems.

The Tonomy ID is an advanced wallet compatible with both Web2 and Web3 frameworks, encompassing all requisite identity functionalities for user engagement with digital systems. This system facilitates user access to both Tonomy Core Applications and broader market applications, enabling secure and sovereign digital signatures and data exchange.

Users are granted full technical autonomy, maintaining complete control over their data and authorizations. This concept is commonly referred to as self-sovereign identity or a non-custodial wallet. Unique authorisation secrets, such as private keys derived from phrases, PIN codes, and biometric data, are stored solely on the user's device, eschewing database storage. Likewise, personal data is exclusively retained on the user's personal device. This architecture significantly enhances security by mitigating the risk of centralised hacking attempts, a paramount concern for users and corporations when selecting identity service providers.

In contrast to Web2 identity services like those offered by Microsoft or Okta, the Tonomy architecture eschews the storage of any user authorisation secrets or data in databases, thereby offering substantial cybersecurity advantages. Unlike existing Web3 wallets and self-sovereign identity (SSI) wallets, the Tonomy ID combines the merits of being fully non-custodial with a user interface sufficiently intuitive for individuals accustomed to mainstream platforms such as Google. [Ref #1]

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