Public Data

The Public Data Layer of Tonomy is a sophisticated digital architecture designed to generate and manage public data within the Tonomy ecosystem. This layer serves as a pivotal component for many users, including businesses, enterprises, and governments, by facilitating the creation of public profiles for DAOs and providing essential configuration data for applications. These functionalities are crucial during user login and interactions, ensuring a seamless and efficient user experience.

This layer is adept at handling public data, encompassing information that must be accessible across the Tonomy ecosystem. This includes but is not limited to, public profiles of DAOs and configuration details of various applications essential for user interaction. The Public Data Layer thus stands as a cornerstone in Tonomy, empowering a range of stakeholders by providing them with the necessary tools and information for effective decision-making and operations.

A key innovation of the Public Data Layer lies in its approach to extending the concept of data ownership. Utilising fully managed self-sovereign keys, this layer introduces a paradigm shift in how data ownership is created and verified. By implementing self-sovereign key management, the layer enhances data ownership and security, allowing users complete control over their information.

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