🎯 Initial Target Audience Identification

At the heart of Pangea's initial citizen audience are the tech-savvy individuals who embrace digital innovation daily. These are people for whom technology is not just a tool but a lifestyle, and they are constantly seeking new ways to integrate digital solutions into their personal and community endeavours. Alongside them stand the advocates of decentralisation, who see decentralised systems as the cornerstone for fair and equitable governance. These individuals are the pioneers, advocating for a world where power and decision-making are distributed and transparent.

In parallel, in a world where large amounts of the population are struggling to interact with new technology, Pangea brings the power of emerging technology to all users. It does away with centralised security solutions (like existing single sign on with Google). It is the only fully decentralized, passwordless & serverless IAM and DAO solution with optional MFA providing full anonymity and privacy of citizen data to prevent hacks and frauds.

Pangea also resonates deeply with global citizens and expatriates—those who live beyond the confines of traditional nation-states and seek a platform that reflects their global identity. Additionally, we see immense potential in communities seeking autonomy, such as Catalonia or small island nations. These groups represent not just market opportunities but also partners in shaping a new paradigm of self-governance. Lastly, the environmentally and socially conscious are integral to our community. They bring passion and purpose to our platform, driving change on climate action and social equity.

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