⛓️Service Resources Incentivation

Apps within Pangea can be engineered to leverage different resources provided by Services, which are essential for these applications' diverse functionalities. Developers buy and control these through Pangea Build as Web 4.0 Apps are built and upgraded.

The critical service resources in the Pangea ecosystem are described in detail in the Tonomy Gov OS White Paper and are briefly described here:

  • Blockchain Node RAM: This resource is crucial for storing stateful data related to smart contracts, including the contracts themselves. It ensures the persistence and accessibility of critical data across the network.

  • DIDcomm Server Messages: This service facilitates secure messaging between identities within the system, with charges applied per million messages sent. It is vital for maintaining communication integrity and privacy.

  • Private Data Storage: Apps can leverage sovereign storage vaults for storing user data, offering significant privacy and security advantages. The service includes backup capabilities, charged per gigabyte, to safeguard against data loss due to account access issues.

  • Public Data Storage: This resource allows apps to store data on a public decentralised cloud, essential for features like public profiles and accessible by the broader Pangea community, with fees applied per gigabyte of data stored.

  • Identity Verification Bridge: Apps requiring user identity verification for compliance or anti-Sybil attack measures utilise this service, with charges per verification performed.

  • eIDAS QES: Provides a mechanism for identity-verified users to sign documents with EU-recognized digital signatures, charged per signature, integrating high trust and compliance into digital transactions.

Prices for the above services consider the base resource costs (e.g. RAM hardware running costs per month) to provide such services and the market supply and demand dynamics and competitors to provide a high-value service at a reasonable price. These prices can and are expected to be tweaked through Pangea’s governance system.


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