⚙️ Technical Infrastructure of Pangea

Pangea's technical infrastructure is a sophisticated amalgamation of Tonomy's adaptable modules, rebranded and fine-tuned to create a unique global ecosystem. The core underlying technical capacity and architecture of this is outlined in detail in the Tonomy Gov OS White Paper. Key components of the Pangea infrastructure include

Pangea Passport, Pangea DAO, Pangea Gov+, Pangea Bankless, and Pangea Build: These core applications, derived from Tonomy's versatile modules (e.g. Pangea Passport is a whitelabeled instance of Tonomy ID), form the backbone of Pangea's digital landscape. They facilitate the seamless integration of various functionalities, from governance to economic transactions, within the Pangea network.

Pangea Governance Modules: At the forefront of Pangea's governance structure are multiple DAOs, each responsible for distinct aspects of governance: legislative, executive, and jurisdictional functions. These DAOs function through a liquid governance model for policy-making, allowing for flexible delegation and direct voting. The legislative DAO facilitates the creation and amendment of policies, while the executive DAO, often referred to as the Treasury, manages financial aspects and resource allocation. Additionally, the Pangea Arbitration Platform is critical in interpreting and enacting policies, providing a fair and transparent dispute resolution mechanism.

Guaranteed Global Digital Passport System: This system ensures that every human on Earth is entitled to a unique, lifetime digital identity, symbolised by a global digital passport. It plays a pivotal role in maintaining the integrity and uniqueness of each citizen within the network.

Multi-Level Identity Verification: Pangea’s identity verification process incorporates a gamified approach, engaging and incentivising citizens to level up their verification status. The initial level offers basic protection against Sybil attacks. Higher levels, which may involve document verification, social proofs, or endorsements from other network entities, unlock additional features and privileges. This system not only enhances network security but also ensures that verified identities remain anonymous, fostering a socially accountable ecosystem where citizens can self-regulate their interactions.

DAO Registry: Pangea enables citizens to form DAOs representing a diverse range of entities. Depending on their verification level, citizens can establish organisations, fostering collaborative and autonomous communities within the Pangea ecosystem.

Pangea App Store: This high-trust digital marketplace allows DAOs to develop and manage applications. It leverages privacy and security technologies to foster trust between citizens and technical operators. The store is integral to Pangea’s vision of a secure, interoperable app ecosystem.

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