📢Use of LEOS Currency Sales Proceeds

The proceeds from the LEOS currency sale are crucial for the foundational and operational development of the Pangea ecosystem, done by the Dutch non-profit Tonomy Foundation. The strategic allocation of these funds aims to ensure the ecosystem's long-term sustainability, growth, and success. The following outlines the proposed percentage breakdown of how the funds from the LEOS currency sale will be utilised.

  • Product Development and Innovation (30%): To fuel the research, development, and continuous improvement of Pangea's technology, including the Tonomy Gov OS framework, Pangea Passport, DAO structures, and other essential digital infrastructure components.

  • Ecosystem Growth and Partnerships (18%): To support the expansion of the Pangea ecosystem through strategic partnerships, collaborations, and integration with other platforms and technologies, enhancing the ecosystem's capabilities and reach.

  • Marketing and Community Engagement (15%): For comprehensive marketing strategies, community building, and engagement initiatives to increase awareness, adoption, and active participation within the Pangea ecosystem.

  • Fundraising Growth and Development (14%): To ensure the best success of raising the necessary funds to build and develop Pangea.

  • Operational Expenses (10%): To cover the day-to-day operational costs of running the Tonomy Foundation, including administrative expenses, legal compliance, and other overheads.

  • Security and Compliance (8%): To ensure the highest standards of security, privacy, and regulatory compliance across the Pangea ecosystem, safeguarding against risks and maintaining trust.

  • Reserve Fund (5%): A contingency fund to address unforeseen challenges, capitalise on new opportunities, and provide financial flexibility and resilience to the ecosystem.

This allocation strategy is designed to balance immediate operational needs with long-term strategic objectives, ensuring that the LEOS currency sale proceeds are used effectively by the Tonomy Foundation to build a robust, secure, and thriving Pangea ecosystem. It reflects a commitment to transparency, accountability, and responsible financial management, aligning with Pangea's vision of creating a sovereign, decentralised virtual nation powered by its community.

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