Account Recovery

Tonomy ID utilises a secure 6-word passphrase as the primary authentication method for its mobile app. To address situations where users forget or lose this passphrase, Tonomy ID offers several non-custodial recovery mechanisms, ensuring autonomous control over user accounts:

  • Social Recovery: Users can designate trusted contacts to assist in account recovery collectively.

  • Hardware Recovery: Pre-authorized devices like secure hardware wallets or NFC-enabled smartcards can be used for recovery.

  • Security Questions: Utilizing advanced cryptographic techniques, users can recover accounts by correctly answering pre-selected personal questions.

  • Partially-Custodial Identity Verification: An identity verification process through governance services allows temporary access to a user's sovereign storage vault for identity confirmation.

The recovery process includes a mandatory timeout period, varying based on the security level of the chosen recovery method.

Additionally, Tonomy ID offers optional plug-ins for various custodial recovery techniques, enhancing its suitability for enterprise use.

For more information, please see the relevant sections in the Tonomy ID White Paper.

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