Discussion and Communication

An integral part of decision-making requires discussion and deliberation in complex ecosystems. Tonomy provides an intuitive discussion forum as well as a more casual communication platform through which this is facilitated. Built into the discussion forum is the ability for non-binding votes and sentiment collection. This is done using the same anonymous voting technologies from Tonomy DAO, such as preference voting or binary voting. In this way, group perspectives can be collected and integrated into proposals to create the best proposals possible before they go for final decision-making voting.

EIP Comparison:

The Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) is an important part of the Ethereum governance process and has been widely adopted across many open-source projects. The Policy Management platform in Tonomy encapsulates a similar level of features but is more general and can apply to alignment on policies and standards not specifically related to digital infrastructure. For example, it can govern healthcare policy in a state-nation ecosystem or the payment process and KYC requirements in an enterprise ecosystem.

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