Governance Templates and Models

Tonomy DAO offers an array of foundational governance templates, enabling diverse voting privileges:

  • Democratic: Equitable voting rights for verified members.

  • Share/Token-Based: Votes are weighted by token holdings, managed through Tonomy Pay.

  • Sole-Proprietor: Tailored for individual enterprises with centralised decision-making.

Decision-making models within Tonomy DAO vary, including:

  • Federated: Governance by a self-selected executive group.

  • Representative: Indirect voting through trusted representatives.

  • Direct: Direct voting on decisions by all members.

  • Liquid: A nuanced approach combining direct and representative voting, allowing members to delegate voting power in specialised areas.

These models cater to a wide range of entities, from government departments, and profit-driven companies to self-managed communities, demonstrating Tonomy DAO's adaptability and innovation in organisational governance [Ref #7].

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