🏛️Liquid Democracy

At the core of Pangea’s governance model lies Liquid Democracy, a form of delegative democracy that represents a significant evolution in collective decision-making. This model marries the direct involvement of Direct Democracy with the representative aspect of Representative Democracy, creating a system that is both participatory and practical for large communities. [Ref#16]

Liquid Democracy in Pangea allows voters the flexibility to directly participate in the voting process or delegate their voting power to a trusted party. This unique system is adaptable, letting individuals delegate their voting rights on a category, or issue-by-issue basis. Such delegation is not merely a transfer of power; it is a strategic choice to empower individuals with domain-specific knowledge to influence decision outcomes, leading to more informed governance.

This approach naturally cultivates a Meritocracy within Pangea. Decisions tend to be made by those who possess the requisite expertise and experience, ensuring well-rounded and knowledgeable governance. Additionally, Liquid Democracy in Pangea emphasises the concept of vote recommendation over vote proxying, allowing individuals to retain ultimate control over their decisions while being guided by expert advice.

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