📱Application Layer

The Application Layer of Tonomy networks comprises both the Tonomy Core Applications and those developed by DAOs. This document elucidates the quintet of Tonomy Core Applications, delineating their objectives and functionalities. Collectively, these foundational applications empower entrepreneurs and developers to expedite the creation of innovative use cases with unprecedented efficiency.

This facilitation is primarily attributed to the diminution of developmental intricacy and the mitigation of associated risks. This is actualised through several strategies:

  • Provision of comprehensive solutions for identity, team Identity and Access Management (IAM), governance, and payment systems. These solutions are designed to accommodate 99.9% of potential use cases.

  • Offering these solutions in formats amenable to developers, notably through enabling access to blockchain functionalities via application interfaces. This obviates the necessity for developers to engage directly in smart contract creation or blockchain interactions.

  • Endowing developers with a "no-code" experience, permitting facile customization of identity, IAM, and governance aspects within their systems. This flexibility allows for adaptations in response to evolving requirements.

  • Ensuring a streamlined and intuitive onboarding process for users. This approach ensures the security inherent in web3 technologies while maintaining a user experience akin to web2 standards. Additionally, it offers users an ongoing, straightforward interface to navigate and manage the diverse applications within a Tonomy ecosystem.

Web3 Comparison

Web3 Comparison Currently, web3 developers are compelled to undertake the complex process of navigating identity, multi-party management and governance in the new web3 paradigm, often requiring learning new programming languages and paradigms. Users faced a technically daunting and complex experience, struggling with novel technical paradigms and a disjointed onboarding and application ecosystem. Tonomy eradicates the time-intensive and high-risk tasks inherent in initiating new projects for developers and users by offering a clean no-code application system anyone can use to create well managed apps, and onboard users and in a simple familiar, albeit significantly more secure manner.

GovOS now enables application developers to conceive and execute a plethora of use cases that were previously unfeasible. These use cases can be categorized broadly into two segments:

  • Web2 applications that can leverage the substantial cybersecurity advantages of web3 technology and make data breaches a thing of a past with passwordless identity.

  • Web3 applications that were previously too arduous or cumbersome to develop and use become both consumer and developer friendly.

These categories span multiple industries, with examples including:

  • Governance: Tools for policy creation and budgetary participation.

  • Supply Chain and Logistics: Systems benefiting from transparent tracking and tracing, alongside flexible governance mechanisms.

  • decentralised Finance (DeFi): Transparent operations and governance in financial systems.

  • Healthcare: Enhanced privacy and portability of data facilitated by Tonomy ID.

  • Gaming: Advanced web3 asset proofs and control mechanisms for in-game collectibles.

  • eCommerce: Augmented security through the use of Tonomy ID's sovereign storage vault.

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) Platforms: Improved public and inaccessible sovereign single sign-on capabilities.

Tonomy, thus, presents a paradigm shift in application development, significantly enhancing the feasibility and scope of various use cases across diverse sectors.

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