Service Incentives for Network Operators

All of the execution and data layer services are incentived within the ecosystem depending on it’s role and expenses.

Each Service has different pay rates based on their services using the following formular:

Pay=PayBase+StakingRewardsFlagStakedNativeTokenStakedTotalNativeTokenStakePool+ExpensesPay=Pay_{Base}+Staking_{RewardsFlag}*\frac {Staked_{NativeToken}} {Staked_{TotalNativeToken}}*Stake_{Pool}+Expenses
PayBase=Base incentivePay_{Base}=\text {Base incentive}
StakingRewardsFlag:Flag to turn on or off staking based rewardsStaking_{RewardsFlag}: \text {Flag to turn on or off staking based rewards}
StakePool:Daily fool to be split based on the stakesStake_{Pool}: \text {Daily fool to be split based on the stakes}
Expenses:Other operational expenses**Expenses: \text {Other operational expenses**}

** Expenses are based on CNRs that are not already considered in the PayBase such as data stored for Public Data, or verifications for the Identity Verification Bridges.

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