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Tonomy ecosystems comprise diverse actors, each playing a crucial role in the network's functionality and governance. These actors include individuals, decentralised Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), the Governance unit (GOV), applications (Apps), and services. Below is a detailed exposition of each actor within the network.


Individuals are the primary users of a Tonomy network. Each person engages with the system through a unique digital identity, which serves as a gateway to access the broader ecosystem. This digital identity is a critical component, ensuring secure and personalised interaction within the network.

Decentralised Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)

DAOs represent collectives of individuals, varying from companies and NGOs to government departments and state governments. These entities collaborate towards shared objectives within agreed governance frameworks. DAOs may be structured as open or closed teams. Furthermore, they are pivotal in managing the network's infrastructure, including blockchain nodes and communication services. Tonomy is the first network that enables democratic voting within DAOs due to its advanced identity capabilities.

Governance (GOV)

The Gov acts as the administrative body for the network's ecosystem. It is a specialised DAO with additional explicit responsibilities for overseeing network rules, security, and operational management. The Gov sets network fees, and incentives and ensures that DAOs managing the network infrastructure adhere to set expectations. The Gov DAO manages a pool of the native currency which may be present in the network (such as an ecosystem fund), and it’s distribution within the governance system or to contributors or other DAOs

Applications (Apps)

Apps are software programs that facilitate interaction for users, DAOs, and the Gov DAO. The network features five core Apps — Tonomy ID, DAO, GOV, PAY, and Developer Console — which form the foundation for enabling ecosystem features. DAOs also have the autonomy to develop their Apps, ranging from existing Web2 SaaS applications to fully decentralised applications utilising the network's unique architecture and smart contracts.


Services in Tonomy refer to specific server operations run by DAOs that support the network infrastructure. The operational policies and management of these services are determined by the Gov DAO.

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