Executive Layer

The execution of governance functions within the system is partially automate

The network's fee and incentive scheme operates on full automation, ensuring protocol-level enforcement. This approach minimizes trust requirements and reduces financial impediments in the network's high-priority economic framework.

Additional executive functions are facilitated through discussion forums and communication platforms, or via Tonomy's core applications. For instance, manual disbursements from the Treasury to contributors are conducted using the Tonomy PAY application.

Estonia comparison

Estonia has conclusively fortified themselves as a leading digital ecosystem provider. [Ref#10] Their digital infrastructure leads policy-making and has shown to significantly reduce friction.

Tonomy provides the core services of identity, chamber of commerce, government and finance, however it does this in a way where no infrastructure provider is in total control of any of these core systems. Equally importantly, no ecosystem members personal data is stored in a government database as seen in Estonia. Both these features significantly enhance the cyber security edges of the ecosystem as a whole as well as bolster privacy and trust for Tonomy ecosystem members.

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